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The Founders

This wiki would have been impossible without the determination of the following people to get this all started up!

  • Lixil / Kae - the projects founder, it all started with her idea of Hex4Newbies!
  • Vayus - for providing the technical know-how of mediawiki.
  • Lucifer - for providing the webspace and for helping with early content.
  • Werring - for providing various scripts and adding his awesome coding knowledge to the project.
  • Quinn - for creating the skin we use.

The first of the community

The following have been the first members of the community to really get into the project to kick start it!

  • Tadaaki - for his insane work with adding set 1 cards to the wiki.
  • Ristarrel - for help early on with templates and entries for the champions.
  • King Gabriel - for creating the entire lore section.